13 actions to a happy life

This is to help you. This is it heal you. It will make you feel good.it will make you laugh.it will make you realize. U r the driver of your own life. So tighten the seat belt n go fast to improve your living style.

| Actions to a happy life|

‘’The happier you, the better your day we’ll be…”

  1. Know yourself

(A great person knows all about him and from within)

Write all the qualities which differentiate you from other people. It takes some time and it should be done by you only. Don’t ask others to let you know your qualities. Friend if you wanted to do something on your own give some time on your own. Hardly it’s going to take more than 10 minutes. Write at least 7 qualities and prove all these to yourself (means to define yourself). Knowing yourself doesn’t mean that you should always write the good qualities in you; include the negative side in you as well. Because every person has negative side this what you can learn by the yin yang symbol…


[if you have seen this symbol many times but don’t what it represents ,click

So complete this one first. Only then you will be ready to solve all your problem … you can write that I’m not good in managing my myself , I’m not good in remembering faces, am not a social person, I can’t initiate a conversation. Every problem has a solution that’s the only thing you need to remember.

2.Go to bed at good time [schedule your tomorrow]

M starting this article from a good sleep because a good sleep result in a better tomorrow so you should know how many hours does your body ask for a sleep go to the bed accordingly. And one thing that you should need to do is to make a small target which you have to complete in the morning readily after waking up. Please take a very small target which you can complete.

Make one thing which u r going to do next morning.by doing this you will feel very positive as you have completed the first task of your day at very earlier stage. Practice it all day for 40 day then it will automatically become your habit.


  1. Wake up.

You have taken a good sleep and now you don’t need extra minute’s .don’t go for the snooze button because those those who go for the snooze are the one who are already going to be late in life. After getting off your bed you have to complete only 2 small steps make your bed after getting and second that you noted down the previous night. Mark a tick against that task. I have already told you to take SMALL TARGET SO PLZ. DON’T TAKE BIG TARGETS TO get demotivated at initial stage.. Now go through your day as your routine like if u read news in the morning read it or if you don’t enough time simply just put a news station oon .while you can listen to it while getting ready for your work. a must to do thing have been added in the next stage .


bed bedroom blanket comfort
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com
  1. Get ready on time and complement yourself in front of mirror

After getting ready stand in front of a mirror and complement yourself

This one is very important for self-confident and whatever you want to be and leave for the organization where you work or for your college. You can say I’m improving. I am getting toward my goal. I’m very happy today. What you like just say it yourself when you are alone in your room

  1. Get into a good conversation without language with your friend

Your day should be start with formal greetings with a person like the best can be your father mother or if you don’t live with them they can be your friends but start a healthy conversation first. Or if you cant start a good conversation without f*** and abusing each other in a friendly way. Find that guy who is formal to u because your best friends don’t take anything seriously. comment if you believe with some example on it we’ll will laugh

  1. Do the prior things first

You must be having a target list of the week. Just see and it and set our priorities. You know yourself better don’t anyone to ask for the friend and for the coming days go responsible for you don’t ask for the unnecessary help from the others. Be your own planner and help others. Sort your daily task to be done and the task you want to complete on weekends. Put some refreshments in it as well if you are definite about that I have to watch this week mention it in your task that I have to watch and now for the coming try to put yourself less in unplanned things unless it’s not so important for you

You can put alarm in you r phones for all the things or simply can wear a smart watch which will help you remind of the timing that this task is needed to be done

  1. Gratefulness

A thanks is not just just the word .it’s an expression for the person next to u . so be more thankful for the thankful for the things you watched .

Be thankful for the help from anyone and for the any gift that you have got recently. Always thanks for any goal you achieved it hardly takes 5 sec. make it a habit it will bring a smile on your face. Try few steps and decide which suits you best

Play a prayer while you are getting ready

Make a child smile

Watch funny videos on YouTube. Get yourself off the negatives.

  1. Smile all day

You have to remember one thing only what has happened to you doesn’t matter at all . You don’t have to feel negative. You have to maintain your smile wide. Offer what you can offer. The more good you will to the word the same happiness the world will through to u . pray a little with the heart only desecrating all the greediness about a stuff. Do the boring work while listening to something good.

woman in white blazer holding tablet computer
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

Call you some1 special with whom you share your day. Make that special one if you don’t have. but don’t think that my motive is to distract you from studies. The image below provides a good algorithm on how you can simplify your life

  1. Help a new person

The more you will make a conversation with new people the more you will feel good you know yourself better than any other person so, if you think that you are not a social person and want to improve yourself make it a habit to daily start a conversation with a new guy in your college.

This will not only improve but you also going to increase your connection with the people

  1. Make a step for or future

Mark this is as your day one make a initiative that u r going you adopt for the rest of your life whether it can be “ I’ll be reading news daily”

“I’ll avoid wasting my time by watching unnecessary tv shows.”

“I’m going to stop roaming around unless n until it’s not for my refreshment”

Make whatever suits you. Make it butttttt it’s not going to help you only if you are going to make it, it will help you only if you are going to work on it. So do this until it’s not going to be in your habit.

And remember one thing that “a daily practice turns out to be habit one day”

  1. Call your family

    woman kissing cheek of girl wearing red and black polka dot top
    Photo by Albert Rafael on Pexels.com

If you don’t live with your family call them every day whenever you get free time. Share all your day with your mother or to whomsoever you are connected very well. Take care of our health; these are the very small steps which you have to implement in your life. For your life to make it beautiful.

  1. Good news

For building up yourself you start reading good news about your country. Good news like what new technology has your country installing. How the government Is planning for some benefits. What are all the improvements going in your country? Try to listen to radio while getting ready for your work because by doing this you will be saving time of your own. Try to use multiple senses at a time

  1. Give time for your hobbies and good night

What’s your hobby is it blogging like me designing or reading books or itinerary planning .i m sure you must be good in doing something out of the box give time for that too. Now u have speeded your day well. Its time to go to bed for an awesome tomorrow. If I have forgotten something mail me in contact page with refence to this post.


So all of these are only going to work when u are going to work on it .always remember happiness comes from within and it’s hidden inside you .you have to take it out dear.

Comments or queries are welcome from you people. Involve in the discussion.

Tell us what you like to read next. We will add that unique content for you only.


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