Truly Sunrise?

The Modern Sunrise : A Normative Critique.

Sunrise or sun up is the moment when the upper limb of the Sun appears on the horizon in the morning. The term can also refer to the entire process of the solar disk crossing the horizon and its accompanying atmospheric effects. Terminology “Rise” Although the Sun appears to “rise” from the horizon, it is actually the Earth’s motion that causes the Sun to appear. The illusion of a moving Sun results from Earth observers being in a rotating reference frame; this apparent motion is so convincing that most cultures had mythologies and religions built around the geocentric model, which prevailed until astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus first formulated the heliocentric model in the 16th century. Architect Buckminster Fuller proposed the terms “sunsight” and “sunclipse” to better represent the heliocentric model, though the terms have not entered into common language. Beginning and end Astronomically, sunrise occurs for only an instant: the moment at which the upper limb of the Sun appears tangent to the horizon. Sunrises occur approximately due east on the March and September equinoxes for all viewers on Earth. Exact calculations of the azimuths of sunrise on other dates are complex, but they can be estimated with reasonable accuracy by using the analemma. Appearance Colors Air molecules and airborne particles scatter white sunlight as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is done by a combination of Rayleigh scattering and Mie scattering. As a ray of white sunlight travels through the atmosphere to an observer, some of the colors are scattered out of the beam by air molecules and airborne particles, changing the final color of the beam the viewer sees. Because the shorter wavelength components, such as blue and green, scatter more strongly, these colors are preferentially removed from the beam. The removal of the shorter wavelengths of light is due to Rayleigh scattering by air molecules and particles much smaller than the wavelength of visible light . The scattering by cloud droplets and other particles with diameters comparable to or larger than the sunlight’s wavelengths is due to Mie scattering and is not strongly wavelength-dependent. Mie scattering is responsible for the light scattered by clouds, and also for the daytime halo of white light around the Sun . Sunset colors are typically more brilliant than sunrise colors, because the evening air contains more particles than morning air. See also Analemma Dawn Day Daytime Dusk Earth’s shadow, visible at sunrise False sunrise Golden hour Noon Sunrise equation Sunset Twilight References External links with VBA functions for sunrise, sunset, solar noon, twilight, and solar position.


Take A Recess From Stress

Shobhit agnihotri

You should have it like i have


Greetings of the day, readers

So here I starts

Every person has something which keeps him away from all the sadness all the time

What is it for you?? Is it a funny video of your family member? A good memory of a trip with your colleague? Or a sudden joke that has settled down in your memory? Or any other thing?

Below is the image that I use to see whenever I survive of the negative waves and wanted to overcome it. I don’t live with my cousins but visit their place a time in a year. I always enjoy there playing with time i play like a kid only and properly get into their company although there is a big age difference but i dont hesitate at that moment. My cousin’s names is bhavi and vivan. And vivan being the little one always triggers the sudden happiness whenver i see this image .

Now its your turn what memory makes you like i have mentioned. Keep blogging

Shobhit Agnihotri

17 Ideas You’re Protecting About Your Life That Are Only Swaying You Back


when we are forced to stand our grounds
Because someone is out of bounds
When you find yourself wanting to reboundfeeling like you have to stand your ground
Realizing your personal space 
Has turned into a battleground
feeling like you have to stand your ground
Realizing your personal space 
Has turned into a battleground

Taking the conversation southbound
Just hoping the situation doesn’t compound
Before I know it’s full-on aggression
One of life’s hardest lessons
When you get bitten by the Devils venom
Looking to God in heaven
Hoping my engine will stop revin

Uncontrollable waves of word lashing
Surpassing my ability to stop us from crashing
When your character is attacked by an assassin
Making it impossible to ignore this full-on bashing
Feeling your temperature rise
As the blood fills your eyes

Believing that you’re way to wise
Looking for a compromise
Knowing that taking it any further will jeopardize
Our friendship if we both don’t empathize
Our hostile situation
That has my heart full on racing
With all this back and forth pacing

Making sure you’re facing this threat
Trying not to do anything you will regret
Looking them directly in their eyes
Barking out how this leads to our friendship demise
Apparently, we are unable to stop the decay
When I feel it all slipping away
So sad I was unable to convey

How out of hand this runaway day
Found its own pathway
That left me feeling betrayed
So all that is left is to pray
For God to make it all go away
To help us fix it like it was yesterday

R u a nice person?? Read

Here i m assuming a nice guy is the one who is very simple, always listen to other people and always ready to help others.

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover

r u that kind of person who used to be very straight and exact. you may be following this but from now stop doing this .

you know what the great person MR.CHANAKYA says

A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.


beach boardwalk bridge clouds

learning from the world – even you know the successful people are always tricky they are always filled with motivation. they don’t walk straight in fact they make their own way like take any name – worlds best politician- they all know the art of public speaking ans that’s the reason why many people got influence by them. they have learned the art of manipulating others

How not to be a nice guy

  • know your strength

Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success. “When we do things we’re already good at, our business acumen is quicker,” says Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor at George Mason University and author of Curious? (William Morrow, 2009).

  • think before you speak

Intelligent people think before they speak; what they say is then more persuasive.
Kind words are like honey—sweet to the taste and good for your health.
What you think is the right road may lead to death

No more nice guy, from the blogger

  • know the art of public speaking

if you dont know the art of public speaking 20-tips-for-mastering-art-of-public-speaking this will help

  • know to whom you are speaking with

you readily get an image in front of you of any incident happen to you with that person. according to that you have to choose you words. and remember you have to keep everyone happy with your words (it’s not possible everytime i know dear)

  • know perception of the person in front of you

You know it better what are the incidents that you share with this person in front of you and you have to act accordingly.

know perception of the person in front of you

  • don’t be too nice

This article is all about this there’s no need to tell u this again and again

  • don’t be shy otherwise u’ll die

This is a modern world days have gone when you can realy on someone. If you are not able to overcome your shyness to put your point in piblic then you will lose the track dear

benefits you will get

  1. attention
  2. creative thinking
  3. it will be easy for you to get out of the situation
  4. you will adopt a uniqness
  5. you will do the right thing

my perspective

there are n number of examples for this

who wins – like many people know that hard work is the key to success but not everyone is getting it .its the smart work that you should know be clever and should know how to use it t of the persons are getting. you sit in an interview and just because of your too nice attitude you will be rejected. trust me guys even the army don’t want simple guys.

So , from stop being a nice guy by this i didnt mean that go for robbery or any kind of cheap activity.

But remember

Nice guy finishes last

Sometimes your good qualities can lead you down too

:-from the keypad of a blogger

even if you dont believe listen to what this video says quick summary of no more nice guy

I know its difficult to believe but it is acceptable

Relishing in the Now — Safe Space

Time passes us by so fast and rarely do we take the moment to savor the moment. We just keep thinking about the next thing we are going to undertake. Most of the present is lost to the worries of tomorrow or regrets of the past… Today (Sunday 27th of May) for me was ordinary, […]

via Relishing in the Now — Safe Space

Sacrifice or dream

Scored 96% in maths his parents appreciated and 100% in music no one did

Reminds him the fact that he has many dreams but his parents also have few from him

He always wants to make his parents proud but not with the cost of his sacrifice but from his dream.

                                :-sachin( my friend)

From a bird side

You have maded your shelter taking the trees from me
Whats my fault
Is it am not greedy as you
You have your cook ,who made delicious food for you
I have to search for food to keep my child alive
You are safe in your place ,i always remain in a fear
U have planned your tomorrow,i have to survive for today..
Its easy for you to quench your thirst ,while i have to search for it
I must be a deserving one for this tough life
I m surviving in this hot climate
Can you live a day like me …

  13 actions to a happy life

This is to help you. This is it heal you. It will make you feel will make you will make you realize. U r the driver of your own life. So tighten the seat belt n go fast to improve your living style.

| Actions to a happy life|

‘’The happier you, the better your day we’ll be…”

  1. Know yourself

(A great person knows all about him and from within)

Write all the qualities which differentiate you from other people. It takes some time and it should be done by you only. Don’t ask others to let you know your qualities. Friend if you wanted to do something on your own give some time on your own. Hardly it’s going to take more than 10 minutes. Write at least 7 qualities and prove all these to yourself (means to define yourself). Knowing yourself doesn’t mean that you should always write the good qualities in you; include the negative side in you as well. Because every person has negative side this what you can learn by the yin yang symbol…


[if you have seen this symbol many times but don’t what it represents ,click

So complete this one first. Only then you will be ready to solve all your problem … you can write that I’m not good in managing my myself , I’m not good in remembering faces, am not a social person, I can’t initiate a conversation. Every problem has a solution that’s the only thing you need to remember.

2.Go to bed at good time [schedule your tomorrow]

M starting this article from a good sleep because a good sleep result in a better tomorrow so you should know how many hours does your body ask for a sleep go to the bed accordingly. And one thing that you should need to do is to make a small target which you have to complete in the morning readily after waking up. Please take a very small target which you can complete.

Make one thing which u r going to do next doing this you will feel very positive as you have completed the first task of your day at very earlier stage. Practice it all day for 40 day then it will automatically become your habit.


  1. Wake up.

You have taken a good sleep and now you don’t need extra minute’s .don’t go for the snooze button because those those who go for the snooze are the one who are already going to be late in life. After getting off your bed you have to complete only 2 small steps make your bed after getting and second that you noted down the previous night. Mark a tick against that task. I have already told you to take SMALL TARGET SO PLZ. DON’T TAKE BIG TARGETS TO get demotivated at initial stage.. Now go through your day as your routine like if u read news in the morning read it or if you don’t enough time simply just put a news station oon .while you can listen to it while getting ready for your work. a must to do thing have been added in the next stage .


bed bedroom blanket comfort
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  1. Get ready on time and complement yourself in front of mirror

After getting ready stand in front of a mirror and complement yourself

This one is very important for self-confident and whatever you want to be and leave for the organization where you work or for your college. You can say I’m improving. I am getting toward my goal. I’m very happy today. What you like just say it yourself when you are alone in your room

  1. Get into a good conversation without language with your friend

Your day should be start with formal greetings with a person like the best can be your father mother or if you don’t live with them they can be your friends but start a healthy conversation first. Or if you cant start a good conversation without f*** and abusing each other in a friendly way. Find that guy who is formal to u because your best friends don’t take anything seriously. comment if you believe with some example on it we’ll will laugh

  1. Do the prior things first

You must be having a target list of the week. Just see and it and set our priorities. You know yourself better don’t anyone to ask for the friend and for the coming days go responsible for you don’t ask for the unnecessary help from the others. Be your own planner and help others. Sort your daily task to be done and the task you want to complete on weekends. Put some refreshments in it as well if you are definite about that I have to watch this week mention it in your task that I have to watch and now for the coming try to put yourself less in unplanned things unless it’s not so important for you

You can put alarm in you r phones for all the things or simply can wear a smart watch which will help you remind of the timing that this task is needed to be done

  1. Gratefulness

A thanks is not just just the word .it’s an expression for the person next to u . so be more thankful for the thankful for the things you watched .

Be thankful for the help from anyone and for the any gift that you have got recently. Always thanks for any goal you achieved it hardly takes 5 sec. make it a habit it will bring a smile on your face. Try few steps and decide which suits you best

Play a prayer while you are getting ready

Make a child smile

Watch funny videos on YouTube. Get yourself off the negatives.

  1. Smile all day

You have to remember one thing only what has happened to you doesn’t matter at all . You don’t have to feel negative. You have to maintain your smile wide. Offer what you can offer. The more good you will to the word the same happiness the world will through to u . pray a little with the heart only desecrating all the greediness about a stuff. Do the boring work while listening to something good.

woman in white blazer holding tablet computer
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Call you some1 special with whom you share your day. Make that special one if you don’t have. but don’t think that my motive is to distract you from studies. The image below provides a good algorithm on how you can simplify your life

  1. Help a new person

The more you will make a conversation with new people the more you will feel good you know yourself better than any other person so, if you think that you are not a social person and want to improve yourself make it a habit to daily start a conversation with a new guy in your college.

This will not only improve but you also going to increase your connection with the people

  1. Make a step for or future

Mark this is as your day one make a initiative that u r going you adopt for the rest of your life whether it can be “ I’ll be reading news daily”

“I’ll avoid wasting my time by watching unnecessary tv shows.”

“I’m going to stop roaming around unless n until it’s not for my refreshment”

Make whatever suits you. Make it butttttt it’s not going to help you only if you are going to make it, it will help you only if you are going to work on it. So do this until it’s not going to be in your habit.

And remember one thing that “a daily practice turns out to be habit one day”

  1. Call your family

    woman kissing cheek of girl wearing red and black polka dot top
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If you don’t live with your family call them every day whenever you get free time. Share all your day with your mother or to whomsoever you are connected very well. Take care of our health; these are the very small steps which you have to implement in your life. For your life to make it beautiful.

  1. Good news

For building up yourself you start reading good news about your country. Good news like what new technology has your country installing. How the government Is planning for some benefits. What are all the improvements going in your country? Try to listen to radio while getting ready for your work because by doing this you will be saving time of your own. Try to use multiple senses at a time

  1. Give time for your hobbies and good night

What’s your hobby is it blogging like me designing or reading books or itinerary planning .i m sure you must be good in doing something out of the box give time for that too. Now u have speeded your day well. Its time to go to bed for an awesome tomorrow. If I have forgotten something mail me in contact page with refence to this post.


So all of these are only going to work when u are going to work on it .always remember happiness comes from within and it’s hidden inside you .you have to take it out dear.

Comments or queries are welcome from you people. Involve in the discussion.

Tell us what you like to read next. We will add that unique content for you only.

Writings #1

Why god oh why ??
I am late at realizing
The moments which have passed
are so mesmerising
Now i only have the memories to be kept
To be kept with me only
I realize when the storm has been passed
The storm, which i didn’t counterbalance with my forces.
Yes i was late
Late to accept my current life but i know that one day
One day This realization will work
Will work to bring a happy life to me .

©Shobhit_678 on mirakee

internal happines, self help blogs

Internal happiness

Hi everyone , what are you upto i hope every one is doing very good ri8 now and i pray for a very happy life to come to you but till are you really happy from your heart. Do you feel sometimes that why it’s being happening with me only,or do you get an encounter by the negative thoughts at an instant. Then my friends m sure that this blog is going to help you in which i have added some life mantras and some bitter truth…
But before going furtherl i would like to ask a question why do feel frustrated some time??
Take some time and coment below it only happens when something is not happening as we have thinked about. Suppose you are preparing for an exam n ur aim is to get 90% but due to some reasons your result comes out to be 75% . You’ll go on a negative side and gona blaim you luck for this or any other acticity which seems same to avoid all these do follow these and apply this in your daily shedule
Eat healthy
Talk polietly
Interact with a new person every day
Give a thanx to god
Love youself
Try something new everyday
Go out and explore some new stuff
Help others.
You’ll find this all boring but once you get to the fruit 😅😃 you’ll be really very happy ..
So from now love yourself a more blame others a little maintain a good relation with others. Help a child .take pride and good bye